The project consists of  all civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic infrastructure and landscaping works . Main structure is steel frame (3.000 ton). There are vip lounges, restaurant, main conference hall for 1000 person, two conference halls for 150×2 person, press hall, meeting room and utility center. Furniture is also within the scope of works.  Design projects are implemented by our company.

Tripoli International Congress Hall is the first and the most modern hall right in the center of Tripoli with a capacity of 3.000 people.

The construction of this building started on 05.25.2009 and it was brought into the use of public within eight months dated 02.15.2010 this constructional workout included (design, landscape and infrastructure) works.
The convention hall being located 35 km away from the airport and in the center of Tripoli, has an easy access to the key points of the city. It located in between a green area full of pine and ocaliptus trees, luxury hotels, sports facilities, libraries.

Being under supervision of System Construction, the construction of hall was completed in a shorter time than it was planned, in 260 days.

This building complex provides a chance of several conventional meetings at the same time providing all kind of comfort.

The center was built on an area of 51.500 m².  Provided facilities of the convention center area:

  • 26.500 m² of building area
  • Conference Hall(2)        
  • Minister Lounge
  • Main Hall
  • Presidential Lounge
  • Presidential Saloon
  • VIP Meeting Lounge
  • Meeting Room
  • Press Hall
  • Restaurant and Kitchen
  • VIP Lounge
  • 33.600 m² of Green Area
  • 2.400 m² of Utility Center.

The privilage and uniqueness of this structure is the use of architectural facades and cladding systems for the first time in the world. This application is used as a decorative chill side applications covering approximately 9.000 m² of mesh cladding.

Another new way of construction used on the other facade is the suspensionally hanged 14 meters height glass column cladding.

According to the latest design technology used in this convention center structure is the installation of sound and lighting systems along with the facility of controlling them from one screen. This system (MPDP) is one of the biggest screens used in similar convention centers of the world.

This is the first modern unique convention center structure built in Libya which is applied on a new system of steel constructional bases.
The largest area of this building which is 3.476 m² is the main convention hall with 56 meters sheared beams and with nearly 6.250 tons of steel construction.
The underground construction of Energy Water Heating Cooling is controlled from the utility center although it has its own substation controll center buiding.
The center building is designed to withstand first degree earthquakes.
The modern LED lighting systems used in various parts of the building are approximately 21 kilometers long.
The decorative lighting units used in this building are 45.5 tons in weight and 10.000 pieces as numbers.
With the experience and labour of System Construct Company, the Tripoli Convention Center Building was brought into use on 15.02.2010.

ODAC - Organization for Development of Administrative Centers
project type:

60.000 sqm
Tripoli - Libya
Design & Build Turnkey Project

9 Months